How To Delete BeReal Post | in precisely three Steps.

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BeReal may be a photo-sharing platform that encourages users to post daily. At times, you post a photograph and later observe it’s not fitting well. therein case, we tend to area unit here with a post on the way to delete the post.

BeReal was launched in 2020. it’s a photo-sharing social media application. It encourages its users to point out their friends WHO they very area unit, for once,” by removing filters and opportunities to stage, over-think, or edit photos. however, there’s a condition for mistreatment. you wish to post once every day at a similar time.

We will be discussing additional on way to delete the posts. the method is sort of easy but, you wish to understand the choices and wherever to search them. we are going to guide you step by step for every device. So, while not trifling, let’s begin

How To Delete BeReal Post On iOS?

If you running an associate iOS device and need to delete your exposure then here may be a guide for you.

Click on the timeline below the exposure you announce.
Then click on ‘Options’ at the very cheap right of the popup window that opens
Then click on ‘delete my BeReal.
Select a reason why one needs to delete your beReal.
Then click on ‘yes. I am sure’.
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How To Delete Bereal Post On Andriod?

If you running an associate golem device and need to delete your exposure then here may be a guide for you

Click on the three dots on the correct facet of the exposure you announce.
Then click on Delete my BeReal.
choose a reason for deleting your exposure. it’s optional.
Then click on Delete My BeReal.

How To Delete a photograph From recollections In BeReal?

Memories area unit some of your profile wherever your daily uploads stay saved. If you wish to delete a photograph that you just uploaded it slow back, then there may be a guide for you.

  1. Go to profile
  2. there’s a ‘memories’ below profile details. Click ‘view all memories’.
  3. choose the exposure you wish to delete.
  4. Click on the three dots higher right facet.
  5. Click on ‘delete from memories’. Then ensure.

How To Post On?
When you’re able to snap a photograph, you’ll receive a notification. inside the subsequent 2 minutes, take 2 pictures in response to the message (one with the rear camera and one with the front camera). If you’ll not post at that point when gap the app then you’ll see a ‘Post a be real. Click thereon.

If you’re mistreatment iOS. Then, you may see a button referred to as ‘Post a. Click on that. Then take an exposure. Then click on send. choose to cause choices. meaning you merely got to examine your post front or see it at Discovery and so on. Then click once more the ‘send’ button. a similar goes for golem phones. you’ll conjointly add an associate inappropriate caption if you wish together with the exposure.

Can You Delete Comments On BeReal Post?

Yes, you’ll delete the comments that came in your post and also the comments that you just place in alternative people’s posts.

If you wish to delete the comments that came in your post, open the comment section. Then hold on to the comment you wish to delete. Then you may see the delete icon at the highest. Clicking on that can delete the comment.

If you wish to delete a comment you’ve got sent, hold the comment then delete it by clicking on the Delete icon.

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Wrapping Up

Here we tend to conclude our post on the way to deleting’s post. the method is basically easy and we hope you followed the steps and with success deleted the exposure you needed to. get pleasure from it slow on BeReal!.

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Frequently Asked queries

Q1. are you able to Delete BeReal Photo?
Step 3: Once you’ve tapped the post you wish to delete, faucet the 3 dots within the top-right corner of the screen. Step 4: faucet “Delete from Memories” on the menu that seems within the top-right corner of the screen.

Q2. however Do I create a replacement BeReal?
BeReal is accessible for each golem and iOS user. to urge started, transfer the application from your various application store. Enter your sign, full name, birthday, and associated username to make an account. you may receive a confirmation code on the sign you additional.

Q3. Is BeReal App Safe?
The real app doesn’t have profiles, followers, likes, or electronic messaging. as a result it strays removed from some harmful parts of social networking platforms, this photo-sharing app is safer to use, however, their area unit some risks and considerations to think about.

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